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"Mini Box Auction"

#1 Deacon John Mini Box @ Basin & St. Louis by Erin McNutt

This page is to show the beautiful "mini boxes" that our artists have created as replicas of the large utility boxes that were done over the past year. They are handmade wooden boxes and the tops remove to store your treasures. They are beautiful works of art that you will want to keep or give as a gift to someone special.

You can bid on the items by emailing us your contact email, address & phone number. Each box is a minimum bid of $50 and increasing in $10 increments. The final tally will be done the night of CVU's "mini box auction gala" at the Parisian Courtyard Inn 1726 Prytania St. Tickets to the event are $35 per person and may be purchased at

If you are interested in bidding ahead of time please email us at with your info, bid and the item. THANK YOU!

Deacon John is #1, Algiers Second line #2, Algiers Cypress trees fleur de lis #3, Mardi Gras Indian #4, Congo dancers, #5, Oliver Morgan #6, Pumpkin #7, Leah Chase #8, Musical Instruments #9, Bird of Paradise #10, Crepe Myrtle #11, Shotgun Houses #12, Butterfly #13, Iris Hummingbird #14, Kermit Ruffins #15, Dr. Bones Little Freddie King #16, Irma Thomas #17, Medical #18, Tiger #19, Band #20, Dragonfly #21, Algiers Flag/Navy #22, Mississippi Bridge #23. There will be a few more late submissions at the auction.

#3 General deGaulle & West Bend by Charles Gillam

#4 Holiday @ Rouse's Mini Box by Cary Songy

#5 Galvez & St. Bernard Mini Box by Linda LeBoeuf

#6 Basin & Claiborne Mini Box by Linda LeBoeuf

#7 Oliver Morgan Basin & N. Villere Mini Box by Linda LeBoeuf

#8 Vegies Mini Box @ N. Miro & Orleans by Linda LeBoeuf

#9 Leah Chase Mini Box @ Galvez & Orleans by Linda LeBoeuf

#11 Musical Mini Box @ Louisiana & Lasalle by Sharika Mahdi

#10 Bird of paradise mini box @ Leon C. Simon & Waldo by Linda LeBoeuf

#12 crepe myrtle mini box at Carrollton & Tulane by Heather Mattingly

#13 Shotgun houses mini box @ Carrollton & Canal by Heather Mattingly

#14 butterflies mini box @ Elysian Fields & Mirabeau by Jessica Normington

#15 iris & hummingbird @ Elysian Fields & Gentilly Blvd. by Jessica Normington

#16 Kermit Ruffins Mini Box @ Basin by Jesse Lee

#17 Freddie King mini box @ Basin & St. Peter by Erin McNutt

#18 Irma Thomas Mini Box @ Canal & Basin by Robin Daning

#19 Medical Mini Box @ Tulane & Prieur by Robin Daning

#20 Tiger mini box at Galvez & Canal by Robin Daning

#21 band mini box @ St. Claude & St. Roch by Linda LeBoeuf

#22 Dragon Fly Mini Box @ Elysian Fields & Filmore by Jessica Normington

#23 Navy Flag Mini Box @ Shirley & General Meyer by Jessica Normington

#24 Mississippi bridge @ General deGaulle & Shirley by Jessica Normington

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