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Multiplying Art Boxes!

Left is one of our artist, Chelsey Monroe. Chelsey is just one of 65 artists who have been assisted by the art box project. She has done several boxes and has received commission work due to the art box project. CVU has been responsible for raising over $100,000.00 to pay artists and help implement the creation of 165 art boxes. CVU is an all volunteer organization that creates neighborhood stability and economic development though our projects.

Every box that CVU has created started with something like this graffiti mess. CVU found that implementing beautiful artwork on the boxes annihilates graffiti and litter. It also builds pride in the neighborhood creating other opportunities for beautification. CVU believes that beauty shared is beauty multiplied! So help us get more sponsors to improve the neighborhoods through beautiful artwork.

Claiborne & Broadway (Before & After)

Artwork by Robin Daning

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