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Founded in 1994, Community Visions Unlimited (CVU) is a nonprofit, dedicated to revitalizing New Orleans neighborhoods through art, housing and empowerment.  With its expertise, CVU soon became a consultant to other cities suffering from blight. 


Testimonial 3


After Hurricane Katrina devastated over 85% of the neighborhoods in New Orleans CVU decided to expand their mission to include all of Orleans parish. One of the first projects that came to mind was in the creation of the "New Orleans Street Gallery." This project has created an impetus for artists to get recognition and a small stipend, while creating beauty to assist the neighborhoods in their recovery.
Everyday CVU receives compliments on our work and here is the most recent. "Thank you for painting the utility box on Leon C Simon by UNO. It was so ugly before and driving by it each day was depressing reminding all of us that UNO still had a long way to go. It now has a whole new feel when arriving on campus. "Thanks again. Kathy 12.12.2015




334 boxes have been "artified" in the New Orleans Street Gallery project.  Also, 6 defunct telephone boxes have also been completed.  There are still many boxes that need art work.  Help us by adopting a box or donating to get them completed! 


​CVU has raised over $400,000 to keep the Art Box project going!  This has all been done through private funds.  Each box costs $750 to create and implement.  We depend on local support to keep it going!  This project has changed neighborhoods for the better by reducing litter, graffiti and creating interest in areas! 


Interested in Painting or Sponsoring a box? 

Have a box you would like to see painted?

Want to learn more about the musician box project?  CVU is just an email away at






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