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How Art Box Project Works

Metro New Orleans Street Gallery

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Linking to the rich art heritage that thrives in many neighborhoods in Metro New Orleans, Community Visions Unlimited has adopted a plan to revitalize Metro New Orleans neighborhoods with an Arts focus.  


The Metro New Orleans Street Gallery is a project aimed at creating beauty and economic development through works of art.  


The project is a true collaborative effort with the community, neighborhoods and government officials.  Art work for each box is chosen through the neighborhoods and an arts committee. 

The utility art box program has created commissions for many of our artists.  It also creates a sense of pride for people of all ages and nationalities in the community.  Over $400,000 has been raised to pay the artists and for paint materials.  334 boxes have been painted as of 12/30/23.  This creates economic impact on our neighborhoods and city. 


CVU has agreements with AT&T, Jefferson Parish, Metairie, West Bank, Kenner, St. Bernard, River Ridge and Harahan to create artwork on boxes!  We are looking for artists who live in New Orleans East to be included in the project.  Please send in your paperwork to assure your participation.

This goal of economic improvement through art fits perfectly into Community Visions goal of revitalization of neighborhoods while assisting the local art community to rebuild.  Local artists as well as members of the community will be invited to donate their time and talent to create colorful graphic designs onto street utility boxes. 

ARTIST PLEASE READ:  Things needed to become a potential box artist:

  1. Local (greater New Orleans) artists (must have local I.D. and be at least 18 years old to participate),

  2. forms (contract, W9, Hold Harmless, template) as described below to submit a design to CVU. 

  3. No design will be considered until all required paperwork is submitted.  You will be notified of available boxes and themes that neighborhoods want to see after you are placed on the artist list. 

  4. DO NOT submit renderings until an RFP has been sent describing work. 

  5. All designs must be in color, hand done (no photos or clipart) on the utility box template (below) and sent as PDF files.  


Once you have submitted all forms you will be placed on the RFP (artist) list to receive emails about boxes that are available with a brief about type of artwork the neighborhood wants to see on the box.

Our arts committee is made up of local professional arts people and neighborhood association representative.  CVU works very hard to keep the process fair to all artists by making the submission process a blind one.  CVU receives your info but the committee only receives your art rendering.  Think of the process as an audition, and if not chosen first time around there are always other opportunities where your work will be selected. 

CVU tries to give first preference to neighborhood artists who live in or near the area of the box.  However, all boxes are open to local artists unless a brief says differently.

If chosen, the artist will be paid a stipend of $350 after the box and mini box are completed.  A paint kit will be furnished and CVU coordinates with artist on timely implementation.  The Mini boxes are auctioned off once a year to help CVU raise funds to keep the project going.   CVU also cleans and primes the box before the artist starts.  Please see attached pdf files for download.  Please know that this is a first come, first serve type of project and we work in conjunction with neighborhoods.  We try to give artist who live in the area we are working first preference if possible.  We advise artists to submit as soon as possible.

All artwork becomes the property of CVU and is used in fund raising for the project.  Thanks for wanting to be a part of a great community project!

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